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By selecting | Studies | , you can view those epidemiologic studies which have used a given measure.

Aphasia screening battery

o Halstead-Wepman Aphasia Screening Test (Halstead & Wepman 1959). Brief assessment of language and visuospatial skills often affected in aphasic patients.

Confrontation naming

o Boston Naming Test (BNT) (Kaplan, Goodglass & Weintraub 1982). Task is to name line drawings of objects. Short & long versions. | Studies |

Verbal fluency | Studies |

o Controlled Oral Word Association Test (FAS) (Benton & Hamsher 1989; Lezak 1983). Subject is asked to generate list of words beginning with the letters F, A, S (as many as possible in 60 seconds for each letter). Score is total number of words generated. Test is considered a linguistic test but is also a 'frontal' task.

o Isaacs Set Test (IST) (Isaacs & Kennie 1973). Subject is asked to generate lists of words in 4 semantic categories (colors, animals, fruits, cities) in a limited time (15, 30. 60 seconds).

Comprehensive batteries to assess linguistic skill

o Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination (BDAE) (Goodglass & Kaplan 1982, 1983) | Studies |

o Multilingual Aphasia Examination (MAE) (Benton & Hamsher 1976)