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Executive Function Abilities

By selecting | Studies | , you can view those epidemiologic studies which have used a given measure.

* Trail Making Test (TMT) (Reitan 1958; Reitan & Davidson 1974). A two-part test. Form A: task is to draw line connecting series of numbers scattered across a page, keeping correct numerical sequence. Form B: task is to alternate between numbers & letters, keeping both in correct sequence. | Studies |

* Ravens Progressive Matrices (Raven 1960, 1965). Task is to identify missing pieces of geometric patterns. Advanced, standard, & colored versions available; latter version usually used with older adults.

*Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Modified Card Sorting Test (Nelson 1976). Task is to sort pictures & infer rule for classification based on examiner's feedback. Once initial concept is established, classification rule is changed, and subject must identify new concept

*Stroop Color-Word Interference Test

*Visual-Verbal Test (Feldman & Drasgow 1951). Subject sees four figures on a card and asked to say how 3 of them are alike and how 3 of them are alike in a
different way. | Studies |

*WAIS-R Similarities subtest. Similarities estimate verbal abstraction ability. [For list of studies, see WAIS, under intelligence tests.]

*Gorham Proverb Interpretation Test (Gorham 1956). Common proverbs are read and the subject is asked to indicate the general meaning. | Studies |