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Clinical Batteries

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Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Battery (HRNB) (Reitan & Davison 1974; Reitan 1986).

Lengthy battery that measures of language & sensory functions, as well as extensive evaluations of psychomotor, visuospatial, & abstract reasoning abilities, but relatively little information about learning & memory. The better-known measures include Aphasia Screening Test, Trail Making Test, Tactual Performance Test (a measure of tactile, spatial, & memory functions which entails placement of forms on puzzle board under blindfolded conditions, followed by drawing of the forms & location from memory), Finger Tapping.
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Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery ( LNNB) (Golden et al. 1980).

Lengthy battery. Form I has 269 items organized into several scales (e.g. Motor, Rhythm, Tactile, Visual, Receptive Speech, Expressive Speech, Writing, Reading, Arithmetic, Memory, Intellectual, Pathognomonic, Left Hemisphere, Right Hemisphere). Administration time: 1.5 hours (alert younger adult) to 3 hours (elderly patient). The short form (141 items; McCue et al. 1985) is recommended for use with impaired older adults.