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Cognitive and Emotional Health Project: The Healthy Brain

Demographic and Social Factors

VIII. Exposure to violence

Diagnostic Interview Schedule, PTSD module (Robins et al. 1989).
Survey of Exposure to Community Violence (Richters & Salzman 1990).
My Exposure to Violence (O'Hagan, Kindlon, Buka et al. 1998)
Witness to Violence questionnaire (RJ Wright, unpublished).
Children's Report of Exposure to Violence (Cooley-Quille et al. 1995)
Screen for Adolescent Violence Exposure (Hastings & Kelley 1997)
*Conflict Tactics Scales (Straus & Gelles 1990)
Experiences with Battering Scale (PH Smith et al. 1995)

* Copy of measure is readily available.